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We have started this project in order to support the conservation and community development of the Phnom Tnout Community Forest and Ta Bos and nearby villages.

Located just over the Siem Reap provincial border in Songkom Thmey District of Preah Vihear Province, the trip from Siem Reap city takes approximately four hours during the dry season (180 km).

Soon we will need people to come experience Phnom Tnout and what we will have to offer.  The site is coming along slowly but we are happy to receive new friends anytime.  Please contact us if you are interested in what we are doing.

Travelers to the nearby Preah Khan Temple (of Kompong Svay), sometimes called Bakheng Temple may like to extend their visit. We are only ten kilometres from there as the crow flies (about 1 hour driving time however).. we may even be able to arrange a hike in for more adventurous adventurers!

Phone Number:  +855 78 960420

Ben and Sharyn Davis

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