Other Species Spotted

Here is a list of other animals that have been spotted in the vicinity of Ta Bos mountain and the date last seen.

Banteng (February 2015)
Three large males sighted retreating.  One had a slight limp and so was a bit slower.  Since them, fresh tracks have been sighted.

Silver Langurs (February 2015)
Have sighted numerous troops on different occasions.  They do not run away but the male leader often comes down to scold.

Pileated Gibbons (January 2015)
These are heard almost daily but a little harder to spot.  A family however sighted in November 2013, were not scared but mad at Ben. I got a picture of a large male just sitting and casually staring from afar at us.

Long Tailed Macaques (Always!)
While these guys are really common, it is quite remarkable to see them in the wild at the moment, since Cambodia provided concessions for some foreign companies to export them.  There was therefore a large bounty on the heads of these mischief makers.  There are many spots in the forest where you can see brush cut down and one large tree felled in the middle - a group of villagers would circle them, herding them into a central tree - then cut that tree down.  Maybe now there are few remaining and hopefully populations can revive.

Slow Loris (April 2015)
Little noctornual, slow moving creatures with big big eyes!

Yellow throated Marten

Yellow Throated Marten (March 2014)
Changeable Squirrel (regularly seen)
Giant Black Squirrel (regularly seen)
Barking Deer (regularly seen)
Sambar Deer (February 2015)
Mouse Deer (April 2015)
Porcupine (East Asian, April 2015)
Civit Cat of various kinds!
Roundleaf Bat
Ferret Badger
Wild Boar

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