The Bird List

The forest around Ta Bos village and Phnom Tnout appears relatively untouched.  It feels remote.  It is quiet.  But there are people frequenting the forest.  They are hunters of anything, from the local area; loggers from nearby and afar; people collecting resin, forest vegetables, mushrooms etc.  Most of these people are dead shots with their sling shots.  And so yes, while the forest seems intact, the wildlife population is wary.

It is hoped that with protection and education, that the wildlife will become less afraid and more visible.  Bird life is a very good indicator of the health of the forest and so we will try to track what birds we have seen in the locale of the Community Forest and Ta Bos village.  This list will be added to as time goes on.

Scientific NameCommon NameDateViewed ByLocation
Spilornis cheelaCrested Serpent EagleJan-12Sharyn DavisTop of Phnom Tnout
Leptoptilos javanicusLesser AdjutantFeb-13Ben DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Ciconia episcopusWooly necked storkMar-13Ben DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Urocissa erythrorhynchaRed-billed Blue MagpieMar-13 Ben DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Dendrocitta vagabundaRufous TreepieMar-13Ben DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Coracias benghalensisIndian Roller11-Mar-13Sharyn DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Merops orientalisGreen Bee Eater11-Mar-13Sharyn DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Psittacula alexandriRed-breasted Parakeet14-Mar-13Ben DavisSW of Ta Bos between bridge and village
Francolinus pintadeanusChinese Francolin13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Gallus gullusRed Junglefowl13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Pavo muticusGreen Peafowl13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Ixobrychus cinnamomeusCinnamon Bittern13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Ardeola bacchusChinese Pond Heron13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Accipiter badiusShikra13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Vanellus indicusRed Wattled Lapwing13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Cairina scutulataWhite-winged Duck13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenRiver, Phnom Tnout
Eudynamys scolopaceusAsian Koel13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Rhopodytes tristisGreen-billed Malkoha13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Merops leschenaultiChestnut Headed Bee Eater13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Upupa epopsCommon Hoopoe13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Anthracoceros albirostrisOriental Pied Hornbill13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Megalaima lineataLineated Barbet13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Megalaima haemacephalaCoppersmith Barbet13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Dendrocopos canicapillusGrey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Picus erythropygiusBlack-headed Woodpecker13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Micropternus brachyurusRufous Woodpecker13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Chrysocolaptes lucidusGreater Flameback13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Pericrocotus divaricatusAshy Minivet13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Pericrocotus speciosusScarlet Minivet13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Oriolus xanthornusBlack Hooded Oriole13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Hemipus picatusBar-winged Flycatcher-shrike13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Dicrurus leucophaeusAshy Drongo13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Dicrurus aeneusBronze Drongo13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Dicrurus paradiseusGreater Racket-tailed Drongo13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Aegithina tiphiaCommon Iora13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Chloropsis aurifronsGoldon-fronted Leafbird13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Sitta leglectaNeglected Nuthatch13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Gracula religiosaCommon Hill-myna13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Gracupica nigricollisBlack-collared Starling13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Copsychus malabaricusWhite-rumped Shama13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Pycnonotus aurigasterSooty-headed Bulbul13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Pycnonotus flaviventrisBlack-crested Bulbul13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Garrulax leucolophusWhite-crested Laughing Thrush13-Apr-13Lisa ArensenPhnom Tnout
Buceros bicornisGreat Hornbill25-Oct-13Ben DavisPhnom Tnout

Green Bee Eater

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