Friday, September 6, 2013

Progress and Pictures

Last Sunday, the girls and I returned home from Phnom Penh and Ben also returned home from the forest.  He had been out there for 16 days straight.  He had just run out of food so was looking forward to eating – anything.

He brought with him some pictures he had taken. Unfortunately he had forgotten to take our small camera and the only camera he had was the one on the GPS.  One we haven’t used before.  We had upgraded the GPS to include the camera one, wondering why we needed it.  Well it has proven its worth.  We have a picture of the banteng that he saw – albeit very small (there is no zoon on the GPS!). And, also shots he took of the latest building progress.  Enjoy.  I have a recording of a languar (or leaf monkey) barking at Ben – need a better internet connection before I can post that).

Can you see the brown spot in the middle of the page?  That is the Banteng.

Here he is, zoomed in, but somewhat pixelated – same shot.

Here is the building #1 on August 27.  It is starting to look like a building.

And here, from September 1, is the building with three-quarters of the roof on!  Exciting.  Now just a floor and we can use it (walls are superfluous – we have never liked walls!)

Finally, here below is the future site of our house.  The forest is a Deciduous Dry Forest so not as muggy and oppressing as a Tropical Rainforest.  Beautiful in wet season – a little bit leafless in dry season but still a thousand times better the concrete jungles that Phnom Penh is becoming.

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