Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zipline video

Well they finally finished that zipline.  I think it ended up being only 350m but here is a little 60 seconds of what you can experience if you come and visit us.  I don't think you are supposed to twist around - the cameraman couldn't manage to hold the camera and keep the pulley from twirling - twirled around so much that it ended up stopping in the middle - needs one of those little cameras that stick on your hat. Also, please excuse the bumpy nature of this video and the pixels.  Still learning how all this works!

You will see how grizzled Ben looks is which is pretty much what he looks like everyday these days.

We are very grateful for a volunteer who has come out to help, Alex from Queensland has given up his summer break to rough it out in the wilds here, living on rice and beans (or maybe not exactly living but existing - since he is probably sick of that already after 5 days - I'll see how he went when they return this weekend!)

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