Sunday, March 2, 2014


I wanted to add a bit about the wildlife that we didn’t see this last week.  We heard peacocks, gibbons (not too far away) and lots of other unidentified birds (sorry birders).  Ben actually saw macaques and the peacocks but we did not.  I just don’t have any luck with seeing wildlife – they run away whenever we are around.  I didn’t go out looking too hard as I had bunged my toe and didn’t feel like walking too far.  Ben was enjoying having the peacocks around and then today he called me to tell me they had just messed up his seedling bed.  They like to take dust baths in the nice fine dirt.  Ahhh.. we will need to learn to live with our wildlife.  He asked me to buy a fish net to put over the garden.  Also evidence of Banteng tracks really close although we need to verify that with our broken camera trap – they could be just cows.

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