Sunday, June 22, 2014

No Time! Photos Only

Leaving the land of fast internet for who knows how long.  I have been in Phnom Penh for  6 days and heading back home tomorrow morning - I didn't get the chance to write anything on this blog. I am staying up to at least give you some photos to peruse.
The house is standing (our house that is).  It needs a floor and some walls - but really, who needs walls?
We have had some dramas which I shall write about later but all is good now and what might have been a tragic was not and we feel blessed.  Maybe looking at the photos you can take some guesses at what happened. There are a ton of pictures here to go through to find out.
I did finally invest in a smart or rather a dumb phone (I truly didn't want to join the crowd).. but hopefully we can now access the internet at the forest to some degree.  We shall see how it works. It better work after the investment we made.
So now, please enjoy the album.

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  1. Great photos!! I especially like the one of the girls. They're so big now! Hope you all stay healthy out there.
    God bless,