Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Garden

We have been growing and trying to grow various green things in our garden. Some things work (like eggplant and pumpkin) and other things have not done so well with our sometimes negligent care (like the cucumbers). I brought back from Australia a bunch of seeds - lots of herbs that I want to use in my food and other miscellaneous stuff that my avid gardener mother gave me. So today before it got too hot, the family all trooped out to the garden and started working. The kids planted trakuen (or gas-zoon-u-et in Burmese or morning glory in English) and I planted cabbage, rocket, spinach and parsley. I was complaining to Ben that these seeds seem so small and my gardening efforts always seem to be for nought as nothing comes up, or little spindly things come up or bugs eat it or something happens. I am a pessimistic gardener. Well the first sign that my day was not going right was when halfway down the spinach row I realised I was planting on top of the rocket. It was only about 2 or 3 metres worth so I quickly corrected myself. Then I moved onto the parsley. I did a whole row of italian parsely imagining lovely tabouli salads in the future. At the end of that row I realised I had planted the whole row on top of my spinach. Ben made some smart comment about why my gardening efforts never work. Anyway, lets see what happens. We watered the rows and in 2 or 3 weeks we shall see what comes up. Fingers crossed. I better go out and water them every day too. What a lot of work!

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