Monday, April 20, 2015

Zipping Up Khmer New Year

So, we've been working on this zipline thing for a while.

About a year ago I posted a grizzly Ben taking a maiden run on the first zipline.  We didn't complete that little project until just now, and in time for Khmer New Year. He installed another, and there is now a pair of ziplines that run from one hillside to another over a small valley. There are some spectacular views if you get yourself comfortable enough to look out while travelling about fifty metres above the forest floor. Here is a taste, but you should really come for yourself and try it out! Sorry about the wobbly camera and all the bits I should edit out if I knew how.. maybe one day I'll work it out.

And if you aren't too dizzy, here it he return trip

And more of the same.. just with a guy (our worker Nyep) in the picture.

Oh, and I need to tell about Khmer New Year.. next post.

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