Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bridge

Final Bridge Building Crew

The bridge is finished finally.  Well mostly.  It was actually mostly finished a few weeks ago but we have been super busy with some ADRA stuff so haven’t had a moment to update the progress.  They finished two bridges.  A lower heavy duty bridge that is meant to be usable in the wet season and is expected to be flooded out during the rains.  Also a higher motorbike / horse cart bridge that is a swinging bridge.  They were build with entirely volunteer village labour so many people were involved – switching every day.
Next phase is the road repair which is proving more tricky.  Finding a contractor to come out to the middle of nowhere with all their equipment, excavator, bulldozers etc., is proving difficult.  We also want to do it sooner than later, the rains are coming!
Adding support cables

Car Bridge - almost done

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