Saturday, June 29, 2013

The building has begun!

Ben was finishing up as much as he could before he leaves for Nepal and Base Camp on a little hike.  He managed to finish up the road project at the end of last week, so it should now be passable in the mud and they started the first building.  He is finally onto the fun part of the project.  He camped out in the forest this week with 4 workers from our village here in Rovieng – apparently a vast improvement from sleeping in the village on chicken mite infested mattresses with khmer movies (actually Khmer dubbed Thai soap operas) on till 10pm everynight and and all sorts of other diversions!  They managed to put up two posts and cement them into the ground as well as build a little shelter to sleep in.  They took out about 3 kilograms of fish to eat and the workers foraged in the forest and they ate wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots with their fish.


Here are some pictures of latest “Improvements!”

The corduroy road



The camp




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